Sunday, April 23, 2017

有時輕輕一個擁抱真的會讓人覺得很暖心 :)

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Season Changes

GaoMei Wetland in Tai Chung. It was takend in March when I was travelling around Tai Chung with my lovely mother and sister.  I still remembered that that day the wind was blowing so strongly that has feared me to stop walking towards the end of the wooden block pavement. 

Although I should be preparing my presentation right now, sadly I just can't concentrate much on it, random thought strikes my mind as usual.

These two days, I was once again confirmed that me, as a earthy human, being so weak and powerless that could be so easily influenced by feeling. I was defeated by the unstable and unreliable feeling. I once thought that I might now become more rational and less emotional, but it is not. I thought I could maintain the same positive feeling all the time , but it ended up that I woke up in the next morning, my feeling was not the same anymore. I thought that what I want would always be "what I want",  but it ended up that I woke up the next morning, it become "is it really what I want".  This confirms me the reality that I could not count on myself because I am changing. No matter how I wished that I could keep somethings remain the same, it still changes with the flow of time.

It seems like nothing in the world, including me, would not face changes. Season changes, people changes,  relationship changes,  feeling changes.

However, fortunately there is good news in the world despite the bad news remains: God's love never changes. It is the only fact that never changes. He is the only one that wouldn't change, so that I could always seek for him when I can't rely on myself :) When I don't know what is the next step I should take, I can always count on his word and just follow it. This has become the biggest pleasure of my life.

Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever. Hebrew 13:8

This is the Hong Kong paranomic view from Lugard Road, on the way hiking to The Peak. Never know there is such a nice path to view the Hong Kong skylines. Thank you Queenie for bring me there :)

It is near to semester break very soon. This year, I would have roughly 4 month of summer break. Unbelievably long summer break. To use it well, I am going to volunteer teaching in Mae Sot for two month. I never knew why I decided to spend my summer in this way. My friends and my family (and myself) were pretty shocked too when they know that I am going to teach the migrant kids in a rural place where is located between the border of Thailand and Myanmar. I made this decision all of sudden, never imagined that my summer plan could have changed suddenly because I actually decided to work for three month in this coming summer. I should be earning more money and reserve it as my master-study fund. or even find a suitable internship to gain more working experience before I graduated.

I don't know, but I feel that it is God who gave me this chance to learn how to love and serve people rather than focusing on my self-benefits or my own future. Although some might think that I am a bit irrational or being so unambitious for my future as I didn't prepare well for my future,  indeed I really have no much big or wonderful plan for my future. Undeniably, I never have great dream over this three years studying in HKU too. I just born with no much idea about what kind of future I should live in, that's why I was so lost. 

However, over the first four month of 2017, I have developed a strong belief that my living purpose in this world is not based on how prestigious I would be in the future, or how good I would be in people's eye, but it is how I could use my gifts and grace that God gave me to help out others those are in needs. I have started believe that the only reason I am here in Hong Kong breathing, living, studying, and now writing is that God created me and has given me all I need in order to make the world a little bit better under his name. I haven't figure out what is the exact way that I can work as my career to help others. May be something related to what I study right now? Something require the knowledge of European studies, french or politic ? I don't know. or May be just by my little effort and by the simple heart that God plants in me ? I don't know too.

But, it is okay. I know he cares every single part of my life, his Spirit will always lead me to the best situation to fulfil his purpose on me because Indeed, the very hairs of your head are all numbered. Don't be afraid; you are worth more than many sparrows. -  Luke 12:7

Okay. Finished chattering. Back to my preparation for tomorrow's presentation. Thanks God for another simple day .

P.S: Today's post reminds me of a song that one of my good friend shared me months ago. Share you guys a song lyrics before heading off - Season changes by United Pursuit.

Though the music changes
And the songs we sing
We still lift our praises to our loving God and King
Though the music changes
And the songs we sing
We still lift our praises to our loving God and King
Though the seasons change
Your love remains
Your love remains

Lord you’ve been faithful to plant the seeds
And you will be faithful to always send your rain
Lord you’ve been faithful to plant the seeds
And you will be faithful to always send your rain
Though the seasons change
Your love remains
Your love remains

When we were far apart
You came running with open arms

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Good Friday.


Jesus died on the cross, so that we can have life  

It a very Good Friday. I see how your grace always shows on us, on him. We share the joy you gave us mercifully even though we remain sinful, even though he don't even believe you. Dear Lord, thank you for listening to my prayers. For today's good news, is it your way showing him that you're the one working all these good things? I won't be able to see this guy soon, I have no enough time to spread the good news you taught me all these days to him. It is kinda sad to know that such there are lots of people couldn't see your love and acknowledge your authority when you're the creator of universal, the father of us. But, you have your timing, you have your ultimate purpose for everything. All I need to do is " Love you and Trust you, my God with all my heart and with all my soul and with all my strength and all my mind".

and Pray. #pray #pray #pray #pray

Jesus said, "Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing." - Luke 23:34

I dont know since when. 
Since when it feels so heartbroken to see that so many people whom I love never know You :'(
and You still love us. and I love them...and I love you. 

Friday, April 7, 2017

April :)

Same sunset, but different day-count.

Here come April! Day goes after another day, time elapses so quickly. Nothing special about my life, only filled with blessing every day. Question as regards to future remains unsolved, but I know there is a way when the day come soon because you are with me :)

So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand. - Isaiah 41:10 

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Dear angel,

I always put you deep in my heart. No mater what happens, these will always be the fact in my life, your importance, your roles and your influence have been imprinted in the bottom of my heart. Everything you have done is more than enough, I couldn't ask for more and I am always blessed of knowing you, always thanks God for your appearance in my life, always pray the best for you and always miss you from afar.

May the Lord always watches over you and fills you with His spirit. Amen.

Heart you.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Dedicated to little Bobo

Cheung Chau, I came here once in 2015. Two years has passed and I come to this little island again with gratefulness. We bought the same shoes in white and black colour coincidently, such a beautiful accident :)

We planned to go to Cheung Chau to do simple food-hunting yesterday. Bobo, the friend who I can always come out spontaneous idea with, is my best friend in Hong Kong. I met this girl in the HKU pre-departure gathering in 2014 and she become the first friend I have had in my university. Having the similar education and family background has driven us become closer and closer day by day. In the past three years, we almost talk to each other every day, share everything of our life shamelessly without judging each other. We stand beside each other when facing homesick, overnights in the learning centre to do revision during study weeks, explore the rural side of Hong Kong, eat street food as main course in every outing. I can say firmly that my life in Hong Kong would be less fun and more loneliness without her accompany.

Another amazing thing of having this friend is how God has used her role as my best friend to influence me in these years. She share her Christian faith to me since we met, encourage me with the scriptures when I was upset, invite me to her spiritual home once there's any event. Although I didn't share the same value and faith with her, she still accept, respect and tolerant me in every single way. It is my blessing to know this kind, lovely, patient girl and have her as my best friend in Hong Kong.

We are both introvert person, but we don't share the similar personality, I always find her far more clam, rational and mature than me, I am usually the timid, childish, crazy one. Despite her petite size, Bobo still acts like an elder sister of mine who take care of me. So, it seems like a fact that she always take up the role to enlighten me when I was hurt and feared? We often talks about our future boyfriend too, wondering when will he come into our life and looking forward the day meeting him. Sometimes, we hope that we can meet him as soon as possible; sometimes, we wish that he won't appear so early so we can continue to enjoy our single life and talk to each other every day.

This is my best friend :) one of the most precious angles that God has sent to me and guide me to Him.

But, she is not that well recently. I know she is facing the biggest struggle in her life right now, and feeling somehow distant from our heavenly father. I have no much idea how can I exactly help her except being there with her when she needs me. I even feel so sorry for her as I am feeling God's grace and love every single moment right now, but she does not feel the same as me at the moment.

I have heard your prayer and seen your tears; I will heal you.-2 Kings 20:5

Bobo, like what you have told me about this scripture, you can do it with Jesus. You will be better day by day and this stumbling stone would just turn up as part of your story. You will be stronger and firmer soon and I am here being with you to through this.
Thanks Bobo for always helping me to capture nice photo, so I don't have to taking selfie all the time. 

It's so heartrending to see my close friends losing faith and losing hope meanwhile I can't do anything comfort them. I have seen many broken hearts since the beginning of the year. But, I have faith on God, I have faith that Jesus could heal your pain and your sore as The LORD is near the brokenhearted; He saves those crushed in spirit - Pslam 34:18. 

And because love never fails. He never fails, never ever.

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Your grace is always sufficient for me.

Is's another day, another day graced by God and I dropped into another introspection in this wonderful day.

I remembered well how often I was reminded to remind myself about the fact that I should love myself more than enough before loving others. Before giving, thinking, helping or loving others, I should make sure that I am sufficient and completed to face every up and downs of my life. This has become voiceless reminder that grows inside my heart and reminds me since I was young.

Life is never easy, people fails, broken, hurt, disappointed all the time and So do I. As an introvert in this modern society which highly value the extrovert personality, I never have confidence enough to be the one who can care, give and love others. People here in HKU are so amazing, their ambitions and achievement effortlessly outshines me. Since leaving home and studying aboard in Hong Kong, I am so used to be the weak, timid one as I can't see any values that I can bring to others when standing among the brighting stars. I am feared that I won't be seen by anyone when being with a group of people. I am scared that I will be given cold shoulder by others if I try to reach out others and my heart will be broken by others' rejection. At the same time, I felt so bad and blame myself of being so self-fish, weak and timid, doubting that when would be the time I can be completed, am I really able to know how to love in my whole life since my countless weakness and fear has deeply rooted inside my heart.

But now, others questions start emerging in my mind. "Am I really need to be strong and perfect enough before loving others?", "Is it necessary for me to feel completed before reaching to others?"

I got the answer: no. It is no because as a sinful earthy human, I will never ever could be completed . However, if I have Jesus now, there is nothing in the world that I need to complete myself.

My grace is sufficient for you, for My power is perfected in weakness. -2: Corinthias 12: 9 

I need not to be sufficient by myself because His grace is sufficient for me; I don't need to be perfect because God is perfect to drives out my fear; I don't need to be independent and because I can always dependant on Him. So, What am I afraid of when I have already been graced by God? Why should I keep hesitating to be what God want me to do and worrying so much? No fear should hinder me and fear should not acts as an excuse for me to reach out others since  -  There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear, because fear has to do with punishment.

Dear Lord, thank you for your unlimited grace and love, leading me one more step towards you every single day even though I am still so broken and so flawed, let the light of you spirit always be with me and take over me.