Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The little excitement in this week

Sunday! The most intoxicating day in the whole week. Laying on the bed without looking at the clock pointing on what time, Doing whatever you enjoy and relax yourself.I love Sunday:D

Had a very pleasant news to share .. I bought the bag I had been craving since last year yesterday ... A U.S Polo Assn handbag...It is my very fist branded bag except my Nike backpack :) I had been considering to buy it when I first saw it.. Had gone to the displayed stand just to have a look on it for thousand of times x) Once at Genting Highlands, my mom said she would bought it to me since i love it so much yet i replused her favor ( I knew I am a bit mad about this -.-'')

Last two weeks, i saw it was having a 50% discount and it invigorated my desire to buy .At the end I got it yesterday :D a happy kid C:

Not going to use it until next time .. It have been well stored into my wardrode :P

Besides, I fall in love to cook meals for myself recently. Willing to wake up earlier( somethimg like 5am) to prepare my lunch to bring it to school. I cooked a hotdog and made a garlic steamed roll in the morning. Indisputably, my food wouldn't taste as delicious as my mom's cooks and they are even insipid as  not so much seasoned are added :)

 Self-cooked spaghetti with mushrooms
, cauliflowers , prawns and bean curbs :)
 Being busy in this week as there are so many things need to be completed before the school carnival . The alumni gathering troubles us a lot ! We have to orchestrate so many things to welcome the alumnis but some of them like never appreciate our arrangement and take it seriously :/ This activity has taken a lot of our time to plan and arrange . What a bad luck that I have been chosen as the leader to design the decoration of the classroom ! sigh ...

Stop complaining and get the works started :) Aww.. Have to buy the material and some colour paper later ..( laziness invade inside myself :X ) . Another stuff to share .. I also devoted much time to edit the graduate magazine ! It is an unexpectedly super time-consuming work that you couldnt imagine .___. Each page averagely  takes you 2 hours . 

Okay . Off to my lunch :D 

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