Tuesday, January 21, 2014



Still waiting for the university offer...I need it. INDEED. Get nothing news from the universities I have applied except for the 2 interview I had attended. Just feeling uneasy and unsafe every single day. I keep suspecting my ability meanwhile waiting, or may be it just have to take much more patience to wait the good things falling to us?   

Some of my school mates have received their offer letter from NTU and somes get the chance to be interviewed for the Nanyang OR Asean scholarship. Anyway, I'll be optimistic and pay more patience :DD I went for the interview of the NUS Asean scholarship, but I didn't perform very well. Nevermind, Take it as an experience since I never expect that I could get this chance of this interview :') 

Chinese New Year is aroung the corner :DD Last year we didn't spent our CNY in Malaysia but in Taiwan. I prefer staying at Malaysia because the atmosphere of CNY here is much more better than staying at other country. You won't hear any cracking sounds of firecracker or song. No Angpau, No any cookies, No traditional  food at all. so...Let's say YEAH to 2014 Chinese New Year :D and Penang here I come! 

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