Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Read an article just now . A Penang girl who is successful to be enrolled into Harvard university in this coming September. Amazing indeed. She has done so well in every aspect of her life but not only focus on her studies only. Just love her spirit and optimistic mind. Perhaps affulence is one of the factor of her success, but I think her belief in dream is what has made a prominent victory in her life.

Everything is possible with your unshakable faith :) Take note that action is the necessary supplement :P

I'm going to take a Korean language class soon. Can't accept myself just slacking everyday but not to get myself some self-value . Learning a foreign language may help me to change the situation although I prefer learning French . As I know that there are many classic literatures are written in French and I would like to read the original version. Something like Les Miserable ?:) 

However, there's no any French classes in Mahkota Cheras here. Anywhere, I'm willing Korean too :D

Fighting for life :33 


  1. Great post! I was looking for some blog that talk about life or health. Actually, I agree with you and I'm going taking English language class soon too to improve my written skills :)
    Btw I know french pretty well, so if you want help, I can help you!


  2. Hello :DD thank you so much! Glad to meet you. I pay a visit on your blog and you have many nice post too :) Anyway, May I know where are you come from? France? :D