Saturday, March 15, 2014


I miss the passion I used to have. I remember how much I love to blog everything in my life in the old times. Now it seems like I have no much things to voice out. Want to find my passion back so much and I'll make an attempt on it :)

Today's the long lost friends meeting day :33 with my best and the only senior school life time friends. We did nothing today , just chilling and eating the korean food: Uncle Jang. Did what they always like to do: Gossiping! :P and taking selfie nonstop (What a gang of narcissistic girls, girls being girls)

This photo is not in good quality :/ Sk and Yaeng didn't join us today.. Anyway I love you girls. Nothing much, friendship never end.

Have to mention that this meal is my first time to have korean meal :) I love this. All the veggie and meat are fried together and a bit of spicy and not too oily. This has increase my confidence on trying korean cuisine since I don't have a good impression on it before. Good try today :))

Awww.. My HKU interview on this Sunday at Hilton hotel. Due to the financial issue, I won't go to study there even if I'm able to get the enrollment or scholarship. I clearly know the top ranking and the renown of it and really hope that I can study in a better ranking university than CityU. Sometimes reality does fall us down from ideal and so many factor have to be considered twice times or more. Take my chance to attend the interview to gain some precious experience from HKU. Cheer!!!

Good night :D

P.S// Pray for MH370. Wish it will be back very soon and some true and fact can be found shortly.

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  1. Great post!! The food looks tasty and love your blog too :)!
    Hope they will find MH730 very soon too!