Wednesday, March 19, 2014

HKU interview :3

Would never forget my interview experience by HKU last Sunday. Absolutely widen my view toward the people who finished  their studies from high school or Pre-U around in Malaysia. They have a sharp mind, dexturous behavior and the mature social skill which I never have. 

Those are the people who I really want to meet in my future university life. Well, I'll meet them very soon.

This interview is quite strange to me because it's a group interview : 6 people in a group to discuss a topic which given by the interviewer. Before it started , everyone had to introduce themselves( I hate this part the most since I don't think it could bring any benefit in this section.)

Most of them introduce themselves in a very interesting way and this had made me feel nervous as I always had nothing much to say about myself . Time to make a great brag of myself:X 

"My name is Liow Pheik Yee graduated from Tsun Jin high school. My hobby is reading. I wish to read all the book in the world although I still don't have the ability but I'm trying. I really hope that I am able to have my own library in the future." 

What an exaggerated speech I gave .___.   One of the interviewer:" Wow. What is your favorite book?" "The kite runner" I answered him instantly. "Why?" He asked me. I was hesitant because my English stucked in that moment LOL " because it's touching and it touched my heart " -End-

I can't believe I introduced myself in this way. UNEXPECTED :O

We got the topic about the solution of the problem of haze . I have no idea at all and didn't perform well as other interviewees but I had tried to speak something relevant to this topic. At last, the interviewers said we all had outed of the topic-.- LOL

At the end , I don't even know why I got the chance to the one to one interview section. Waiting at the meeting room in the next two hours. It's the time I met some amazing guys who were asked for stay too. 

The professor of the Law faculty had successfully provoked my desire to get the enrollment by HKU . Of course with scholarship. No scholarship I'll be in nowhere. I answered his every question honestly in my disfluency English. 

Great experience in this interview. The outcome doesn't really important to me. 
I'm happy and enjoyed by this chance :3

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  1. Hi, thanks for writing about your HKU interview experience! I will be going for the interview as well so this was really helpful! All the best for your application :)