Friday, April 25, 2014


The only remedy is forgetting everything about you.. The things you said, the joke you made, the smile you left , the comfort you gave and the promise you doesn't keep in mind. Sometimes when you expect too much it only turns out to break your own heart. It's just a dream. I'm not sure it's a nightmare or a sweet dream which you accidentally created. I don't want to remember anything which happened in this April. The distance is there and it had never faded , never closer , never never never. 

was only in the Alice in the wonderland with my own imagination of prince and castle. NonStop convicing myself that don't think too much.. Don't overthink . Give up on it . Stop imagining everything . Suddenly feel like need somebody lend me a shoulder or a back for a second. Nothing much to say and no tear surrounds in the eyes. ....... Time could cure every hurt and fracture. 


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