Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Spent a pretty good day with my friends today . It likes finally we ate the bingsu in Caffe Bene with a little disappointment of the taste. We just expected too much :P and we went out like a crazy shopaholic there especially at Cotton On HAHAHAHAHA. There's where I spent my RM104 today :'((( But I had bought a very suitable dress and a shape peach colour Teeshirt! Promise myself that they will be the last clothes I have brought home in April and the coming May :P

Here some photo with my crazy friends . And the Oreo cookies and Matcha Bingsu :D 

Last Saturday I had my very first hightea with this gang of crazy too :D Kwek's very generous and kind dad sent us to the 1028 boutique cafe at Desa Sri Hantamas for this precious and exquisite meal. Every tiny dessert looked very delicate and delicious except the macaroon not really in a good taste. Luckily most of the dessert are in a moderate sweet level since I can't stand something is being too sweet x) 

Okay end my food post :)

Hey. Sometimes I don't know why I miss you. It sounds weird to miss somebody you don't even know him over 1 month.  I wish you could text to me and I don't want to be initiative anymore. Or can you tell me that what is purpose of your action in the past weeks? Hmm.. I have no answer at all. Perhaps you're the some guy who being over friendly towards people. Boys should know that Over-Friendly is a crime. 

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