Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The end of April 2014.

Can't stand the flow and the twisting of the plot in Gossip Girls How come they keep exchanging their date with their friends' date? This drama drives me crazy and loathful to its plot. May be I should change other drama to watch ? Hmmm ...

According to gossip girl ,I think I might in a 'broken heart' stage since I got cold shoulder by someone recently. They turned out to break out with their couple  easily when they faced some disagreement or discord. LOL. A repetitive trick keep playing in this drama. Dan, Serena, Blair, Nate, Chuck and Vanessa .. Okay. 

May ! Tomorrow is labour day and first of the May . I have been preparing a brand new mood for this month and try to throw over all the bad mood I had in the past month. A energetic mind is being charging in my brain now. Promise myself that No mood swing , No overthinking, Not gonna be a annoying girl anymore :)

Oh.. Here a happy news wanna to record down here. I received my online shopping parcel today! Two piece of clothes that I ordered last two week : a blue long sleeve blouse and  white skirt :D The most invigorating thing is the L size absolutely fits me. At least I didn't get disappointed for my very first experience of online clothes shopping :D
I think I'll do online shopping again if I spot any worth while stuffs :P

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