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22 May 2014

Late night post :) Saw this cute sweet reddish Elmo card was put on my table in the early morning. Unexpected my sister did such amazing birthday card to me. Thank you! This is a hundred percent handmade card by her and there's a pop art design inside the card. She gave me my birthday present- my world best baby medium size elmo 2 month ago ..hahahahahha..why did she give me so early? Because I saw the Elmo doll 2 months ago and I keep telling her it's extremely adorable! So she said she gonna give me the money and I'm the one to buy it home form TS S&J. hahahhahahah Quite funny, right? 

Here it is. hahahahaha. Every time when I look at its silly month, my smile just spontaneously lift up and it cheer up my mood. and I have a GREAT plan: I'm going to bring him to Hong Kong as my best buddy and company :P Shhhh it's a big secret couldn't be revealed too publicly or others will cant stop laughing at my childish act . LOL. 

22 May. My birthday :3 I'm a not really typical girl who like celebration or surprise too much. and I don't really enjoy when people buy me a huge birthday cake or sing birthday song to me loudly at public. Prefer celebrate it by having a meal together with my friends or family. So this year I spent my birthday with my old friends. Yin Cheng and Chai Leng :) First we had our brunch at Tours Les Jours which located at Bukit Bintang. 

Have seen many of my schoolmates went to this Korean-styled cafe/bakery and its architecture looks spanking luxurious , authentic and European. Let's see the picture below (This photo is not credited to me. I just google it x) I'm a bread or starch super fan, never sick of eating carbohydrate :P but it's super fattening - the only matter-of-fact and cruel truth that really troubles every girl a lot.  

The only thing that make me awkward and bewildered is the way to order our meal. Hahahahaha. We put back the tray which given by the waiter after walking around the bakery since we want to order the all-day breakfast set but not those delicate breads or cakes.

My Wolo Egg Benedict ( birthday feast hahaha) Single poached egg and turkey ham with hollandaise sauce in between toasted English muffin. Served with a slice of turkey breast and a side salad. DELICIOUS. Not in a large portion but it's enough to full your stomach :)

Yin Cheng's Brunch - Banana Ricotta Cheese & French Toast. Rich & delicious of french toast with caramelised banana. The toast is quite thick and she couln't finish it so she keep sharing the toasts to us. lol 

Chai Leng's meal- Cheese Mushroom Omelette.Sauteed mushroom, bacon, onions, spinach and mozzarella cheese egg omelete with a side salad. I didn't snap this in a good quality and it looked not so delicious. hahahahaha forgive my skill once again x) 

My favourite Green tea latte. What I order the most when eating outside. Green Tea Addict :P and Yin Cheng's Café Cappuccino.

We did nothing today actually. After having brunch we just keep window shopping and walking around the area of Pavilion and Time Square . I got my little birthday wish realized: Peanut Butter Waffle. hahaha. Can anyone recommend me where to can get nice waffle in KL? I'm a waffle lover toooooo. Only calories problem always retrains me from eating waffle :P

This is a simple yet tiring nice day. Thank you for the presents, meal, Komugi green tea cake and being my friends in these years :3

谢谢所有祝福我的人 很珍惜所有祝福我的家人朋友们。最后一年有1字头了啦 会好好珍惜19岁的天空 :D 

很难一个一个mention 谁谁谁对我的好 哈哈 因为我知道对我好的朋友很多 我每个都很爱很爱 尤其是那班死党啊 我真的不会要求什么惊喜或者礼物 你们那些长长短短的祝福语都是让我感到窝心 开心 幸福的礼物了。谢谢你们出现在我的生命中,我才会有今天的我。只要我们的友情能长长久久,那就足够了:) 真心感激感恩,谢谢你们。

Now only I miss those days we spent together in our high school. We did everything together : studying, burning midnight oil, go to the toilet, having our breakfast and lunch, walk through the corridor with the loud speaking voice like nobody else was studying in the other classroom(PE) and so on. How memorable and sweet it is!

要去香港读书了,我不知道去到那里会遇上什么亦或者我们的友情会遇上什么改变。但是我还是对我们的友情很有信心的 哈哈!毕竟大家都想出那么多年了,也了解了彼此的背景,对吗?那些美好的回忆都深烙在大家的心中,孤独伤心寂寞时再回望那种种片段就不会觉得自己是一个人了。希望大家一起往上爬啊爬啊,互相扶持彼此:D 

今年的生日很简单却很圆满 至少不像以往都得不到想得到的生日快乐 呵呵。我不想要求那么多 想那么多。简单就是幸福 即便有时还是很感慨。

昨天许的小小愿望实现了 谢谢那最简单的祝福。我知道有些东西没有意味什么,也知道很多东西都是要听天由命的,谁能控制的了彼此的友情能走到多远呢?不去计较那些芝麻绿豆的小事,你真的是一个蛮特别的角色,不管是擦肩而过的行人还是不期而遇的朋友,还是蛮感恩的.Thank you.

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