Wednesday, May 21, 2014


Today is a nice day - the day before my day :) I decided to change my hair colour to darker color since the two toned colour on my hair was getting more obvious day by day. 안뎡히 가십시오Goodbye to my brown colour hair. After worked out in gym, I went to the saloon which I have patronized for almost 7 years :D I'm her utterly regular patron. Hehehe. New hair colour for my birthday , for my officially nineteen years old. Dark brown ! Actually I prefer medium ash brown but I don't want to dye my hair once again when the black hair root come out in the short future. May be it'll be my next hair colour in the next year ? :3

Today is a simple chitchatting day with my dear friends. We went for Cheras Selantan but there're not many store so we change our venue to leisure mall after having our lunch. 
Have been long time never had snowflake and today got this. Black bean soya flavour and Ocha snowflake. Eating and chitchatting are what we always do. Never get bored of being with them :) and they taught me the Korean lesson which I had missed last Saturday. Have to put more effort on my Korean as I don't have much talent on it and I seldom watch Korean TV programme .

My mum cooked me this for dinner today. 雙蛋麵線. For my parents, they think eating this is a traditional meal for those having their birthday. So she insisted to cook meesua for me yesterday. It tasted delicious and warm unexpectedly :D Thanks mum.

怕 太快習慣了 才會有今天的失落感 不過沒事 :D  힘내요

清楚知道你並沒有想那麼多 我想我也不應該想那麼多 :) 

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