Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Hello, May

Happy MAY :) My first post in May, this represents that 2014 has come to the almost half of it. SOOOOOOO FAST! okay. Have to admit that I DID nothing in the past 4 months. I created no any unforgettable trip memory with my friends :(

This sounds really terrible but I did spending a lot of memorable moment with them by attending KOREAN class, having lunch/teatime and doing shopping :D HAHAHAHA. We are definitely 'competent' shopaholic once four of us go to Sunway or Pavilion together :P It brings me much of happiness and laughter when I hang out with them. I'm pretty confident in our friendship even I'm going to Hong Kong in this September. Distance might tear us apart but Social-networking today is sooooooo advanced, so who scares? :D

Got this baby blue purse from Kwek last Saturday. This is the second time I bought stuff from online-shopping. Quite satisfied with this purse and it only cost me RM13++ with its buy 1 free 1 promotion :) We 4 girls bought this similar style purse from online shop. Pink, orange , baby blue and peach red.

Disgracefully, this is my very first feminine style purse in this 19 years. The previous purse looked too childish and cutie and that's the reason why my mum force me to buy a new one -.- ( and my friends also mocked the immaturity of my previous bear shape purse LOL) 

Hmm..I think I should write something about the celebration of my dad's birthday and my first attempt on TAO Japanese Buffet :) Have heard many good and highly recommend so we decided to try this which locate at Sunway Giza mall. Tao is absolutely marvelous to those seafood lovers like my mom and me :D 

 Cheese baked scallop and the fried soft shell carb :) This looked so ....distatsteful? Hahahaha forgive my lousy photo may reduce your appetite to eat . I have never been a good camera-girl :P Don't be deceived by my photo! I guarantee the seafoods there are really delicious expecially the fried pawns ( not in the photo) . I love the salmon there with an unlimited provide service :P unlike JOGOYA will only provide some premium cuisines to the member card holder . Besides, All the food at TAO is in a very fresh condition as you make order to the waiter then they only start cooking and serve to you around 10 minutes. 

However, there're no much side dishes and desserts comparing with the buffer I had had before. It doesn't really matter, their main Japanese foods certainly can fulfill your stomach fully and you won't have the chance to crave for dessert anymore :P

Dad's birthday cake! Green tea flavor which bought by my sis's boyfriend from Lavendar :) Wish my dad always stay healthy and happy! It's sad that next year  I won't be here to celebrate with him anymore :( Happy belated birthday ,dad! 

Okay. Done with my food post :P May is my month , I wonder how I celebrate my birthday with my friends and family in this year :O don't need anything in exaggeration or luxury or surprise . A sincere and thoughtful wish is enough to me. Perhaps your wish is what I want the most :') like usual... What I expect the most :)

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