Thursday, May 29, 2014

Inferno :) bought it today and was added to my Dan Brown collection! Wish I could find the another Dan Brown's books: angel and demons & the davinci code from book fair in a low price. I didn't but these two because I have read them in Chinese version in years ago. They are amazing and make me fall in love wih this writer :P

I feel so sick like suddenly. My whole brain is preoccupied with you. The effect of reading Twilight: New Moon in the night? I think so. The feeling is so hard so unbearable and so agonizing. :( I'm officially missing you. The one I shouldn't, the one couldn't be. You would never  notice how's the influence you have brought to me in these days. I hate myself missing you like a insane. Only books can draw me out from the reality. And may be the coming unviversity life could help me to forget about you. I need a hectic life desperately, sometimes I wish time can elapse faster and faster and faster. I need a new life.

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