Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Late Celebration :)

This gonna be a BIRTHDAY post. A 19 years old birthday celebration with my BFF. I didn't expect so much for my birthday, I just thought it's just a meal in Nando's with my friend on last Saturday. Just a simple meal. BUT It turned out a surprise and some of them who told me won't attend at last appeared there. :) I'm a blissful girl , like the past years. They never fail to give me a birthday surprise even though not all of them attended there. Anyway, I'm fantastically glad of having you girls :D

My birthday fruit cake :) I saw this cake when stepped into the entrance of Nando's which prepared by Grassie and Emmeline! It's so abrupt to see two of them there since they told me they're not free on that day due to the assignment and other excuses. LOL THANK YOU so much and this cake tasted good with its moderate sweetness and the juicy, tempting cut fruit. 

Quarter chicken with side dishes : Corn on the cob and Coleslaw. I don't really like to have the chicken legs and thigh part because it's so small and can't fulfill my famished appetite :P Chicken breast and wing part is better. Hehehhehe.

Group photo taken by the crew there :) After finishing our meal, it's time for our habitual buffoonery: Taking SELFIE . Hahahhaha..Staying there for almost 2 hours chitchatting , gossiping and selfie+ing :P and the crews there kept throwing us some unbelievable and baffling glare on us. 

Hmm..the contrast is by Yaeng's instax camera. The films had been expired already which said by the camera owner x)

Another group photo :) Using the wide-angle lens and the phone timer mode to snap this nostalgic photo. And I only noticed the date was put wrong after edited this photo. Never mind let it be. It should be 24 May 2014. Thanks for the laptop sleeve and the self customized mug. I have known about the sleeve since last month but never be notified about the mug! It means a lot to me. The 8 girls on the mug could be a good reminder to me about our friendship in Hong Kong( Meisi, Nana and Jing Wen didn't in this photo) . Yea, I'll bring it there :) and the sleeve is what I have been craving for since I got my new laptop. Thanks!

This is another surprise they brought to me. They brought me to play ESCAPE ROOM without my permission LOL Finally I have tried this and we're the winner. hahaha. The riddle and mission are so difficult and quite complicated and tricky! It requires us to show out our teamwork and mostly our intelligence and I can say that without Emmeline we won't go through all the mission. LOL Luckily, we have 3 times of chance to ask for hints from the crew. Okay, it's a nice try with these 38 friends hahahahha. Who say girls can't finish mission without boys? WE'RE WINNER :D

Thank you, my beloved friends. Friendship never ends, Yeah :)

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