Tuesday, May 13, 2014

My twilight.

Happy Wesak Day :) This is how I spent my holiday though I have everyday as my holiday *chuckle.
A cup of hot green tea latte and my book. I know it's quite late to start reading Twilight after all the mainstream and wave to discuss about this extremely romantic novel or movie were over years ago. Edward Cullen and Isabella Swam :) Actually I have watched the first episode of Twilight last year and I have knew how's the story going on. I even watched Eclipse (third episode) with my friends in the cinema but I still wish to read the original novel version. 

Always believe and sturdy that Book brings more imagination and picturesque graphic to my mind. and I can make a conclusion : It depict more vividly than movie :P I get more understanding Bella's thought and Edward's irresistible elegant appearance. Forks is a continually raining, damp and small town but I never notice this when watching movie. I enjoy reading their dialogue in the novel repeatedly and taste the sweetness of their conversation. Robert Pattinson is undeniably handsome, smart and cool enough , yet Edward Cullen could be more gorgeous, beautiful and perfect in my imagination! As the novel describes: INHUMANLY beautiful. Sure. Vampire he is. 

Selfie before start my book. It has become many people's habit to take a selfie before doing anything and sometime it do make people have a brighter mood :D My silly thick eyebrow looked quite fake and unnatural under my bad drawing skill ..hahahaha. My mum, sis and I went to Empire Shopping Mall after staying at Starbucks almost 2 hours. Hmmm I don't think it's a good choice for people like me shopping there. Everything over-budgets...LOL  

BUT I still ended up with buying something, A strawberry pink color lip shimmer :P Hehehehe I have tried Burt's Bees' lip shimmer which made up with organic ingredient before that's why I have confidence to buy it at that moment even though normally I won't paste on  lipstick or lip-balm when outgoing. People who knows me always complain that my lips look soooo pale and my supervisor and colleagues used to tease me that my pale appearance will apparently scare the customers. Sometimes I hate my drawn and colourless face too and the most irritating is the irremovable dark circle! Truth being true. Fact being factual . I still love myself :D

I saw this post yesterday in Facebook. I wonder is it true? so realistic. so cardialgia. and I connect this to somebody. I asked myself thousand times whether I am the spare tyre or I just doing the same repetitive foolish habit- OVERTHINKING. Gemini born in this way to be so paradoxical and ambivalent. Isn't it? There is always no answer for me. I ask too much and being so melancholy in the nights. 

Yes. I wonder what a friend can ask. Like Bella "What are you going to do?" A friend could ask that, right? Am I too busybody or it did interrupt your life? I didn't get any reply from that stupid question. It bothered. so badly in the past days. awaked in the midnight and went back to sleep over and over again. LOATHFUL to this uncontrollable act. sooooooo lunatic. I had to stop it by making an idiot decision once again to gain back my relief. I did it as I know I have done the best part of me to you. 

Score a once in a lifetime opportunity to meet Taylor Swift!
Taylor swift is coming to the town in JUN. Awwwww. I really wish that I could go..

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