Friday, May 9, 2014

There're always some people possessing the magic to make you feel warm and touched. They might not always appear in your vision, not having a same life routine anymore with you after leaving the high school and it has been a long time you never get in a long chit chating with them likes the old times in the classroom. Yet, you should know they always there. Always stay in the bottom in your heart and it never changes. The friendship never fades but it has transformed  in the other way unlike the way you get along with them in the past. They might not able to confront you by your side but you know they never leave you alone.

I appreciate them in different way, I can't show my gratitude of having them with my tear or words. My friends, keep in mind that you girls never fail to make my life happier and I do need you in the future :) thanks!

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