Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Met my long-lost friends at Padihouse last Friday, they are my first gang of friends in secondary junior school :) Tofu and Shapo. Hahaha The remembrance of studying in the same class was so memorable, I won't forget how crazy and childish we used to be in those years.  Time flies but memory won't fade in my mind. There're so many similarities between us, especially our height and our size LOL. We understand each others' mind and obsession so much of being a big bone girl. HAHAHA! It still feels so good and natural while chit-chatting with them and everything seems remain the same even though I seldom keep in touch with them.  
Cheers for our 6 years friendship and still counting on! :D

Before have a meal in PadiHouse, I don't have a really good impression to it. I though it'll very costly but it's contrary in its good taste and reasonable price :) 

Prawn pasta in quite large portion and yummy with RM14.90 :) I'm going to there again for lunch next Saturday with my BFFs gang. 

And I watched Maleficent with my family last Saturday. I love the story and the flow of this unique fairly tale because it doesn't like the traditional story which tells us that only MEN could be girl's True Love; Family is the only one who always stays beside us and love us unconditionally , isn't it? Angelina Jolie( protagonist)  acts as the fairly who has a huge black wing, Maleficent and the sleeping beauty ( princess Aurora) is so sweet and always shows a charming smile on her sweet face. I remember this girls used to act as the youngest sister in the Narnia. 

Nice movie :) I won't overrate it since I think this is nice and moving in some scene but it didn't impress me too much. 3 stars out of a 5 star rating. 

Going to 5 day 4 night trip to Chiangmai on this Friday with family :D have been a long time never travel oversea with my dad, mum and sister( whole family, my brother stay at Taiwan so I didn't count him in :C) looking forward to it! 

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  1. That is great :) 5 day 4 night trip to Chiangmai ... enjoy it ! cheers !