Sunday, September 28, 2014

Turmoil in the night :x

Today's 28th September, I have stayed here for 1 month and 6 days. HERE refers to Hong Kong where I'm currently staying, living, studying, running and learning. Living the life I had longed for the past 10 months. Everything here is so unexpected, unexpected and unexpected. When does my life become so unpredictable ? I wonder so much. Is this the life I really want to live? I think so.

An ambiguous girl. 

There're so much changes in the these 4 weeks, I can't imagine what I have experienced. Meet so many elites, did something sounds really crazy. I feel like sharing all these impossible thing that I have done( these were what I won't do in the past) to someone, tell him/her what I felt about even though most of the time I don't know how to express the feeling LOLThis brand new Me is so not ME compared with the previous Me. Albeit this new-born Me is quite fresh and strange, I would learn how to love and enjoy being Her. At least I know She is a part of my internal self. 

Dragon's back :) The first officially hiking in my life, Mission Complete  LOL It isn't really fatigue even it is 8.5km. But I'm very sure that if there's no help from others, I won't able to accomplish this. I'm always the Clumsy me.


Mini packed juice can enlighten you so much when you're thirsty :P

Watched Maze Runner yesterday. It's so much vapid compared with the novel. The fantastic movie 
trailer which I watched in April is the motivation leading me to read the novel. I put a lot of expectation in this high-recommended movie and had been waiting for 5 months until it released! HOWEVER, I'm totally got disappointment yesterday :X 

The protagonist is handsome enough, the graphic and effect are vivid enough, BUT the story line was shortened and changed so much! I can't accept it -.- They cut the most interesting plot in the novel : How Thomas and Theresa communicated with each other by telegraphy! and how the gladers solved the maze riddle is also omitted. The grievers were not as disgusting as the description of the literary novel. The key point in this story has been blurred out as well ( in my opinion) :( I don't get any satisfaction from watching it but my friends both gave a good review to this movie ( Film review always is something very subjective and personal). Conclusion: I won't go for the next sequel :P

Watching movie in Hong Kong is such a luxurious thing to do. The morning session one is still reasonable but after 11.10 a.m all the movie ticket cost HKD 75. What shocked me the most is the popcorn at the snack bar cost HKD75, same price as the movie ticket. The worst is there're so many nice films will be released in the coming months. Mockingjay, Night at the museum 3, Intersteller  and blah blah blah.... 

By the way, I find that I don't have much time to read novel now :( My bookmark in "The scotch trials" has halted at the same pages for one month. It is like a waste to spend time on reading novel because there're a lot of reading that I haven't finish yet. University is where you have to finish the reading before attending the lecture. 

其實我的腦現在真的是不能很好地function -.- 像一坨屎那樣打結在一起(應該是說像一堆腸那樣) 總之就是有如現在香港的局勢那樣 in the turmoil最近都一直在灌自己周傑倫的歌,也沒有理由的一直很想聽,一直聽,一直聽。心情也像鞦韆那樣swing到不知道什麽境界!想法簡直是以己之矛攻己之盾啦。現在就是除了聽歌和亂在部落格吹水什麽都做不了!

好啦,囉嗦完了。是時候要撿起自己繼續戰鬥。加油 :) 

Eating cup noodles in a cutie cup sometimes is a kind of happiness :P

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