Friday, December 26, 2014

Christmas Day

Merry Christmas XD Even it was already boxing day today.. I will stil wish you having a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year :D Oh yeah. I really love this fisheye effect photo so much.. hehehe..Big head with Small body lol what we call it as 大頭照 :P Thanks my sister's sony camera and her awesome photo shooting skill! 

My homemade pancake, my early morning Christmas brekkie. This was my second time to make pancake at home by using the non-stick pan. The first time was a very bad experience as I used the expired cake flour  LOL This, the second time was much more better than the previous experience and it tasted good :D I am a person who like to eat thing without much paste or sauce or dip. That's why I ate this plain pancake with no honey or jam and the cake flour I bought to do this pancake is quite sweet already :X

Hohohoho...How did you spend your Christmas day yesterday? I spent my whole day shopping at Sunway Pyramid with my mum and sister. My mum was trying to act cute in this photo lol Had dinner at Simple Life, one of my favourite vegetarian restaurant :3
Panmee always is my favourite :3 and this is 麵粉糕.. What you can't find in oversea!! In this huge bowl of panmee, you can find a lot of Mushrooms and veggies, surely could fix those veggie lover's craving and the soup is superb intense and rich with the soybeans!! 

Walalalala...Our grimace in the fisheye camera XD 好玩好玩

原諒我的適度自戀  因爲真的很喜歡在Fitting Room 自拍 
原因有兩個 1. 裏面的鏡子能塑造很好的假象 2. 衣服不能買回家就拍咯 LOL

這就是我簡簡單單的聖誕節 :D 

我看著你的臉 輕刷這從前 情人節卡片 手寫的永遠 ——周傑倫 手寫的從前

這句是我目前最愛的歌詞 哈哈哈哈  真的很喜歡最新專輯的歌曲
現在最喜歡不斷單曲循環 手寫的從前和我要夏天 其他的當然也喜歡衹是要慢慢來聽 :)

有時真的很重視自己聽一首歌的感覺 所以總是會很用心把自己真的很喜歡的歌介紹給一些自己很在乎的人 覺得若那些在乎的人也有用心在聽自己喜歡的歌 對我來説真的很重要 XD

沒想到我們一致認爲最有feel最悲周氏情歌 竟然是同一首 哈哈哈
好啦 這個是我們這七年來一直不失的默契 衹有你最懂周傑倫在我心中的位置 :) 

前天也不知道發生什麽事 做了個噩夢 就凌晨4點開始失眠了 
無意間看到他的新歌 《手寫的從前》 一聽 心情變得激動、興奮 超級想找人分享這份聽到好聽音樂的可快了 哈哈 (分享快樂是讓快樂倍增的方法)就更加睡不着了 
經過這次的談話 好啦 我認了你真的是一個很棒很棒的人 就猶如學長和朋友們所説的那般的好 你説話的節奏和幽默 真的都讓人很舒服 感謝你那些無心的忠告讓我清醒起來 

而我不過是要做我自己罷了 因爲我相信終有一天找到那個同分貝 同節奏的頻道:D

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