Friday, March 13, 2015

Malaysian Cultural Night :3

 Malaysia cultural night, A wonderful night I had with the huge brunch of HKU Malaysians :) and It was also my first time ever experience to perform on the "stage". I didn't feel as nervous as I expected, at least I am satisfied my performance comparing with my performance on the day.

 with the girls in secondary school uniform .. Seeing them in uniform kinda make me miss my high school time. Bobo, Kexin and Amanda :) Malaysian night indeed is a very good chance for all of us gather together and have conversations to understand how each other's life going.

Dalalalalaaaaang.. This my handmade instagram frame, I put quite a lot of time writing,drawing and painting this photo booth frame :) and under the help of QiMing, Queenie, WeiJing, Jasmine and so on, we successfully made this "not-so-bad" frame! A very sad case is I didn't hold this frame and snap a individual photo  and I don't know where this frame place currently, I think it is dying in the rubbish bin :X

Photos with the boysssss..Jeremiah, Jet, Qi Ming and Paul! :D
 Big thanks to all those who encouraged and supported me when I was down, THANK YOU. Btw, I didn't get the chance to take photos with most of them but just some of them. Just seal all the good memory deeply inside my mind, that's enough.

It is so bad when I realise my year as a freshman is coming to an end sooooooon. That's really a saddest news I got recently lol. Have to spend the following 3 months more happily with all the friends I meet here, you guys are really awesome awesome awsome :D

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