Wednesday, May 20, 2015

A little thing about it

Sometimes, I persuade myself to forget it because it is too painful.
Sometimes, I ask myself to forgive it because it is useless to feel sad.
Somestimes, I want myself to do it because at least I can get an answer.
Somestimes, I tell myself it is not love but just a crush like he told me.
Somestimes, I let it out of my mind because overthinking could not help anything.

Thousand advices I have gotten from my friends since I told it about others: Just follow the flow; It is not love; Go and grab the chance; Let it go...blahblahblah...

Too much..too much advice make me don't feel like talking about it anymore.
If I could, I would just cry over a river without saying anything about this, how I wish I could tell you all about this...*Thing never happens

and I had a stupid dream just now again after 2 weeks... so irritating that you always appear in my dream repeatedly with different storyline...Can I stop dreaming about you? Can it come to the end of the story?  How long I have to suffered about this? People told me I will forget it by the time passing and it will no longer be a trigger in my heart anymore soon. How long I have to wait until the day? It has been 6 months from the day I realised myself.

HAIZ. At the end I will just blame on myself. It's my own fault.
If one day I really want to tell you about this, I will also say It's my own fault.

Bad weather often brings people cloudy mood :X

Anyway, I will still bring on my smile to face the coming days :)
Everything will be find, I believe.

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