Monday, September 28, 2015

Jas and Soy

-We're born alone, we live alone and we die alone . Why do we ask for more and more and could not stand for solitude after all? Only through our love and friendship can we create the illusion for the moment we're not alone. - Osron Welles

This post will be all about my time spending with my loving floor-mate : Jasmine.
I have to claim that she is annoying sometimes :P, but I appreciate much of her existence here and always tolerate me.

See the same specs we had coincidently in the same glasses store OWL .________.

In order to collect the registration pack for the New Balance 10k Fun Run, we travelled a long way from HKU to North Point- Kowloon Bay last Saturday. At the beginning, I was quite reluctant to go such a far place only to catch a lunch, luckily I still got much fun in this quick and short food trip. Before having the lunch, we had the well-known  利强记 eggette. It seems like I never get bored with this snack, it could probably always take the first place in my favourite snack list.

We went to North Point to have lunch at a popular HK-Style restaurant - 祥发茶餐小厨 with low and reasonable price :) They said it is a must to try these Swiss Chicken Drumsticks and Chicken Wing, so here comes our chickens. I though Swiss Chicken is something very western style, but seems like it was out of my imagination lol

The soy sauce here is never as salty as Malaysia's one, instead it taste slightly sweets :) more healthy i think?

Follow with the chicken wings, I ordered a small portion Cheese Egg Unagi Rice, which cooked in Japanese style. People said the cheese is very rich but it is not as cheesy as I expected. Since it is not a very dense cheese sauce, it would not make me feel too greasy and I could finish it by myself all even I had eaten the eggette and the chickens wings * Fat earning day-.-

This is Jasmine's Baby Octopus Rice, the octopus are quite a lot compared to my Unagi and this tasted quite nice! The Swiss chicken wing and a mini rice set with drinks only costed us HKD 36 per pax! It is quite difficult to have such a decent lunch with this price in Hong Kong, so we felt satisfied :D

That's all about our last Saturday "food trip".  Let's talk about the 10km New Balance Run we had yesterday!

See what? We had our run around Hong Kong Disneyland Resort, the main reason why I registered for this 10km run with HKD 120 :P HKD120 only for a run, such a extravagant waste XD

Waking up at 5.20am and had slept at 1am the night before was killing me, and a 10km run was still waiting for me which was such a nightmare I though I would have! Jasmine's emotion expressed my previous words :P 

By the way, the new balance run on event set-up was quite amazing there, everything looked energetic with the shape orange red colour. I love the theme colour and the over-sized running T-shirt very much meanwhile Jasmine hate it very much thus she was wearing her favourite Nike shirt lol 

I used to feel that running 10km is a mission impossible for me, I never a running person before coming to Hong Kong. Thanks to the girl beside me, who always seduce me to have night run in the previous year. I was convinced and started to run since the April, I remembered how dying I feel for my first run experience: I could barely grasp for breath ! Until today, I will not say that I love running but it has become the only sport I would do and I am annoyed with it anymore. Probably, I starts to enjoy it? Feeling so great every time I had a run, no matter it is on the treadmills or outside the gym. Hope that I can insist on running in my future :)

What do girls do being as girls after the run? non-stop PHOTOsssss!

We were gifted a New balance towel after finished our run. It had become our props since everyone there took it to take photo in front of those New Balance settings lol


Always in Beta :D * We were thinking why isn't it Always in Alpha? 

Okie, now is the time for some thank-you words for this girl. Scrolling back my photo albums, I found out that we had taken so much photo together in the past year.

First, I would like to say that I had no good impression to you since the first time I met you. Not until the second semester of first year, I changed my views towards you. I used to think that I could not get along with you since I feel so different with you. I am totally kind of opposite of your personality, you are so sociable, brave, proactive and extrovert. You get no fear when facing bunch of people and feeling so easy to speak in front of them.

However, things changed when my thought changed.

We started to make attempt to understand each other since last semester. Now, we get to know each others day by day.

I am such a DDY person that don't like to being with others all the time, I indeed need my private space and time so much, this is what not a lot of people can or try to understand me. But this annoying Jasmine is who always respect me, I can easily reject her and request for my alone time easily from her. She will never ever blame me for "abandoning" her alone or get angry of this since she know me well. Even though she is a person who can't stand of being alone, she will never force me to accompany her everyday.

Other than that, Thank you for always being with me when I am getting sick, especially everytime I am suffered with stomachache and you never ever abandoned me lol always patient to find a toilet for me HAHAHHA XD

I would not say that you are my best friend or we are such a perfect match or I like you as a good friend wholly whatever, but thanks for make effort to understand me in my perspective even though you can't accept my flawlessness at the same time I don't like your weakness.  I think RESPECT and EMPATHY are the bridge to build up our friendship. All I wanna express is my APPRECIATION. In fact, there are many people I feel like to express my thanks for them. Just not in the right time to express it, forgive me.

Anyway, hope we can get along better and better in the future! I hope I can always be there for you and lend my hand to you when you need me. You know, my door is waiting for your knock all the time :)

As a clarification, I am not writing this for her birthday or any incident happened. I am not writing this for her since she don't remember I have a blog :P I write for myself, for my memory as a reminder of my life.

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