Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Life back in Hong Kong

Hong Kong, more than 7 million population stay in this limited land mass of 1104 km², a hectic rapid city that never sleeps. I have been staying here for 3 years and still counting. How big He is, How small I am.

It has been almost two months since I last wrote a post here. I never forget here, my little space to express my mind, but just felt a bit heartless to write in a way I used to write. I never lose my enthusiasm in blogging, I always find it the best way to share the ups and downs of my life, my joy and sorrow or my mind and thought, yet I just need some time to figure out a new way to express myself. Thank god, I gain back a little strength to write again today :)

Life after coming back to Hong Kong is as good as my life in Europe. I love both Asia and Europe, but when I am here I miss there, and when I was there I missed here. However, Coming back here is still such a blessing to me as I can spend a lot of time with my beloved friends now. Hong Kong is the place other than Malaysia that I am so familiar with the people, language, culture, food, life. Everything is so approachable and close to my heart :)

I used to dislike being with people so much when I was in Hong Kong, complaint about how tiring it was when spending time with a group of people, enjoyed being alone all the time to wander around the city. But, now everything is different to me. I can't help feeling so thankful now when there are people eating with me, talking with me, being with me. All of them are such a blessing to me rather than a burden that consume my energy. I used to keep claiming my introvert personality as an excuse to avoid every social activities, but now I don't see these like I used to see. Thank you my family, my friends and even the people who I dont know but still stay around me and love me.

Sunset over Victoria Harbour. Fall in love with catching sunset since I did my first solo trip in Europe. It shines me with the light, give me the hope again before night falls.  Back in Hong kong means I can always catch the sunset with my friends now :)

Yesterday, I received an unexpected postcard from a friend who I used to care so much and meant a lot to me. It is kind of shock when I got it as I never thought about receiving anything from this friend.  Hey buddy, thank you so much. Thank you so much of remembering me even though we haven't meet each other for a long time. I can't deny that you are the one has helped me grow a lot in the past, and your advice or encouragement has been very useful one and shaped who am I today. Can't wait to see you in the coming summer, so we can share each other about our stories that happened in these days, and catch sunset together like what we did in the last summer :) Shamefully I  have to admit that I used to take granted for your accompany, your help and think everything I got from you was what I deserved. Now, I am so appreciative that I met you in my university life and have you as my friend. Yea, waiting you to come back in Hong Kong  :D
Sunset Glow outside of St. John's College, my student residential hall. I love the sky during sunset as it glows in c the pink, purple, blue and red colour gradient. Night in Hong Kong always filled with the lights of the skyscrapers and that makes this city never falling into slumber. 

It is almost the end of February now, reading week is coming soon, time passes too quickly. This always remind me of how short our life in the world is and it would come to the end in a blink of eyes. Once I think of this then I would automatically link to the question about what should I do and what can I do before I leave the world. I might feel very lost of not knowing what to do in my future in the past; but now I am not feeling that lost and frustrated anymore because I have found the purpose of my existence and I would just go for this reason in my whole life under His guidance. One of the plans for my near future that I really want to realise is to pursue a Master Degree in International Relations or European Studies in France/Germany after I finish my Bachelor, then achieve my goal of working in an IGO or NGO after I gain the sufficient qualification :) Sometimes, I will still ask myself if that is a right decision because pursuing Master degree means I have to stay oversea and can't be around with my beloved family in the near future. Although my family has no objection towards my decision and even support me to further my study,  I am still asking myself if doing this is a selfish action to pursue my dream or not. Anyway, I will just go for it at this moment :) Yea, I am still a broken human and my life will never be perfect, but with His grace, I am filled with love, peace, joy, hope and blessing every single day. Thank you my dear Lord, for your unlimited grace, unconditional love and everything.

"Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind." -Matthew 22:37 

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