Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Dedicated to little Bobo

Cheung Chau, I came here once in 2015. Two years has passed and I come to this little island again with gratefulness. We bought the same shoes in white and black colour coincidently, such a beautiful accident :)

We planned to go to Cheung Chau to do simple food-hunting yesterday. Bobo, the friend who I can always come out spontaneous idea with, is my best friend in Hong Kong. I met this girl in the HKU pre-departure gathering in 2014 and she become the first friend I have had in my university. Having the similar education and family background has driven us become closer and closer day by day. In the past three years, we almost talk to each other every day, share everything of our life shamelessly without judging each other. We stand beside each other when facing homesick, overnights in the learning centre to do revision during study weeks, explore the rural side of Hong Kong, eat street food as main course in every outing. I can say firmly that my life in Hong Kong would be less fun and more loneliness without her accompany.

Another amazing thing of having this friend is how God has used her role as my best friend to influence me in these years. She share her Christian faith to me since we met, encourage me with the scriptures when I was upset, invite me to her spiritual home once there's any event. Although I didn't share the same value and faith with her, she still accept, respect and tolerant me in every single way. It is my blessing to know this kind, lovely, patient girl and have her as my best friend in Hong Kong.

We are both introvert person, but we don't share the similar personality, I always find her far more clam, rational and mature than me, I am usually the timid, childish, crazy one. Despite her petite size, Bobo still acts like an elder sister of mine who take care of me. So, it seems like a fact that she always take up the role to enlighten me when I was hurt and feared? We often talks about our future boyfriend too, wondering when will he come into our life and looking forward the day meeting him. Sometimes, we hope that we can meet him as soon as possible; sometimes, we wish that he won't appear so early so we can continue to enjoy our single life and talk to each other every day.

This is my best friend :) one of the most precious angles that God has sent to me and guide me to Him.

But, she is not that well recently. I know she is facing the biggest struggle in her life right now, and feeling somehow distant from our heavenly father. I have no much idea how can I exactly help her except being there with her when she needs me. I even feel so sorry for her as I am feeling God's grace and love every single moment right now, but she does not feel the same as me at the moment.

I have heard your prayer and seen your tears; I will heal you.-2 Kings 20:5

Bobo, like what you have told me about this scripture, you can do it with Jesus. You will be better day by day and this stumbling stone would just turn up as part of your story. You will be stronger and firmer soon and I am here being with you to through this.
Thanks Bobo for always helping me to capture nice photo, so I don't have to taking selfie all the time. 

It's so heartrending to see my close friends losing faith and losing hope meanwhile I can't do anything comfort them. I have seen many broken hearts since the beginning of the year. But, I have faith on God, I have faith that Jesus could heal your pain and your sore as The LORD is near the brokenhearted; He saves those crushed in spirit - Pslam 34:18. 

And because love never fails. He never fails, never ever.

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