Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Day 3 - Chilling in Borderline

DK hotel, a budget hotel where I gonna spend two months with other volunteers.

I have arrived this little town for 3 days. My teaching day starts next Monday, so before it starts I am kinda free to do anything I want to do. Today, my mission would be finding the location of Knowledge Zone by following a super duper simple map which was drawn by my friend. 

This is the map that my friend showed me. At first, I was quite amazed that she managed to get there by using this "map", but after I tried using it, I also successfully find the location.

On my way to Knowledge Zone, there was an old granny who works in a conner store shouting a bunch of Thai words to me. I was thinking that she might talking to someone behind me, then I realised that she actually was talking to me and wondered why. Then, I walked towards her and showed her the address of Knowledge Zone. Immediately, she continued speaking Thai, pointing the way left to me, trying to tell me that Knowledge Zone just locates right ahead of the road. I guess that there must be a lot of foreigner coming to volunteer in Knowledge Zone, so that the granny knows I am finding it. Feeling so warm and touched at that moment by her kindness of showing me the direction. 

Here, I arrived Knowledge Zone Vocational Training Center :) It's an education center which aims to help the Burmese migrants in Mae Sot to acquire Computer skill, Tailoring training and languages skill such as English or Thai. I met the principal's sister and my teaching partner, Lucia when I went in there. Originally, I came here earlier than we are supposed to meet to seek more information about the class that I gonna teach but it seems like I have to wait until Saturday to meet the principal. They said that we are going to evaluate the students on Monday, divide them into different levels, then only prepare the teaching material. "We have been waiting for you", she told me when I was about to leave. Her words remind me again that I am here, holding the responsibility to do my best, to share all the knowledge I have possessed to the Burmese people who have expect to learn something from me. I am a privileged one, who have the chance to receive basic education since I was six years old, who able to study aboard in Hong Kong after high school. How blessed am I. 
Since I have nothing much to do before the class starts, I came to visit a local cafe Borderline for lunch. Borderline is not just a cafe, it is rather a non-profit collective of women's organisations, artists and community groups living and working along the Thailand-Burma border. It includes a store that sell the handmade crafts and arts that are made by different ethnic groups along the Thai- Burma border. All the profits from this store and cafe goes back to the women's collective and a child-asistance foundation. 
There are only a few tables in this open-air cafe, and most of the seat are set on the floor with the coffee tables  :) Although the weather was extremely hot at the noon, staying inside the cafe is still pleasantly cooling even without any fan. It is pretty serene here, definitely a good place to chill and enjoy some quiet time *though the whole town is quiet enough compared to other city. 
So far, this is one of the very rare restaurant in Mae Sot that provides English menu, so I ordered a fried rice with sunny side-up egg and a cup of iced Burmese milk tea. It costs me around 90 Thai Bath for the whole meal :) After having the lunch, I was just chilling there, doing some bible study and reading.
All my renovation team friends had gone for their renovation project early morning, so I had been feeling quite lonely these two days without talking much to people. After spending one semester in Europe and being alone most of the time there, I find out that being alone has become such a intolerable thing to me right now. I used to like staying alone and not seeing anyone for a week, but now I just feel so bad for not talking to someone within a day.

Now, I am not ashamed to say that I love being with people and I do enjoy being with people. Human relationship undeniably is one of the sweetest thing that God has designed for us :) I have learnt that human are born to be with each other, encourage each other, support each other and LOVE each other. 

Thank you, heavenly father, thank you for teaching me how to live for you day by day, so that I could taste the joy of living in Christ. 

*Can't wait for the teaching trainings that last for three days and start from tomorrow :)

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